Aerostate for Smart City
Aerostate is environmental solution for the smart cities. We gather the sensors data and visualize it to capture the problem. Then we backtrack major pollution sources that lead to dangerous air quality levels. Next, we let you play the hypothetical scenarios: traffic management, factory regulations, city planning. And after that we measure the impact of the solution.
Air quality stations and sensors management tool
Monitoring is important part of air quality management in a city. Aerostate helps you make most out of the sensors. Use our analytics tools on any stage of sensor deployment, and receive detailed and actionable information for city planning and control.
Aerostate helps you…
Understand the amount of
air quality sensors required
for a city, and the optimal
sensor locations.
Automatically detect sensor
malfunction. Ready to use
backend for all the data
Visualize data from sensors,
connect them to our analytics
and get air quality forecast,
spatial interpolation and more.
Air qality simulation tool
Monitoring helps to locate the problem, but it does not solve it. We allow municipalities to model and test air quality control policies. For example, we help to understand how one or another traffic control policy will affect air quality in a city in the short and long term, or find the right place to put an extra power plant so that it will have a minimum effect on air quality in a city.
Leakage monitoring tool
Industrial facilities are not secured from leakages of harmful volatile substances. When a leakge happens, one needs to respond fast and precisely. Aerostate leakage monitoring tool provides an operational analysis of the plume given local meteorological conditions. This allows planning response procedures to mitigate the consequences of the leakage.
March 2011. Accident at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, Japan
October 2015. The Aliso Canyon gas leakage at Los Angeles, USA