Sensors Management Tool

Air quality monitoring is the most important part of air quality management in a city. Aeroplan provides platform that helps to make most out of the sensors.

What you get?

Amount of sensors

Location of sensors

Type of pollutants

Analytics and visualization

Our pre-analytical tools help understand how many sensors a city or a certain area needs in order to build effective monitoring network. We accumulate our own data on air quality in a city, which allows determining the necessary density of sensors.

The correct placement of the sensors is important part of monitoring network planning. Where should they be located? City roads? City parks? Residential areas? Industrial areas? Social objects? Business zones? Our analytical platform will help answer this question.

Monitoring network is most effective, if prior to the deployment there is an understanding of the dominant pollutants at various city parts. Based on the information on the sources of pollution in a city our analytical platform prompts the particular pollutants to be measured.

After installation of sensors in a city, we provide a management platform with the following functionality: automatic detection of sensor malfunction, ready to use backend for all the data management, visualization of data from sensors, air quality forecast, spatial data interpolation and more.

How we do it?

Industrial facilities
Satellite data

Our technology is built upon the combination of the data science and first-principle atmospheric models. As a basis of the future forecasts we use our own proprietary emissions database, formed upon the power plants data, satellite imagery, traffic data etc. The data from the emissions database is passed to a stack of the first-principle atmospheric models that give us air quality distribution in a city with high resolution

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