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Moving to a new place is a big decision. To make the right choice you want to get all the information involved. You look at the number of schools around, the neighbourhood average income and even the crime rates. Breathing clean air is another important factor to consider when choosing a house for your family. Provided with the Aerostate-powered real estate service you can take a breath of clean air and choose the best place to live.
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Air quality
Air quality is distributed very irregularly in cities. The reason is traffic, chaotic wind patterns and local singularity of urban landscape. Some blocks can be exposed to higher particle concentrations even if they are separated by only several kilometres. As an example, take a look at the air quality statistics over Manhattan, NY. Averaged air quality varies a lot across this small piece of land.
This data is provided through Aerostate API. Use it to find the best place to live. Just move the pointer and exclude the offers with poor air quality. Protect yourself and your loved ones with better decisions based on the high-detail Aerostate air quality data.
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