Pollution Source Analyzer

In order to understand the problem one needs to know the main pollution sources in a city. Traffic, industrial facilities and even biosphere have different effects on the city ecology. Aeroplan provides a continuous map of air quality in a city based on ground measurements, satellite imagery, and AI. Real time data, future forecasts and statics are provided. Data is updated hourly. The default resolution is 1 by 1 km.

What is in the air we breathe?

Air pollution causes more than 3 million premature deaths annually worldwide. Nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter originating from motor vehicles, sulphur dioxide are directly linked to lung diseases, asthma and cardio vascular diseases. Aeroplan for smart city helps to determine the specific sources of air pollution.

What you get?

Determining the problematic areas

Impact by specific sources

Aeroplan provides information on all the sources of air pollution in a city on an intuitive heat map with a high resolution of 1 by 1 km. It helps to see the full picture of air quality in a city. In addition, we provide wind charts and reverse trajectories for the pollution components, thus highlighting possible sources of pollution.

The complexity of urban landscape and wind patterns affect the trajectories of harmful volatile compounds. It happens that particular chemicals come to a specific location from an unexpected source. Choose any point on the map to get pollution sources breakdown in percentages of contribution of traffic, industrial facilities, biosphere, forest fires and others.

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