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Majority of people believe that fresh air helps their blood vessels, and their health, but the question is – is it really FRESH at 6-7 a.m. in the morning or 8p.m. in the evening in the middle of big cities where the number of vehicles equals (or sometimes even exceeds) the number of inhabitants?

Due to high level of concentration of disastrous microparticles (such as, PM 2.5 and PM 10) floating in the air that you simply breathe in and this is not healthy at all.
When we do sports, we breathe 2-3 times more frequently.
Poor air quality has a harmful impact on our wellbeing, energy level.
Chemical reactions that happen may have very negative outcomes after.
According to scientific studies, carbon monoxide is one of the oxidant smog pollutants and once it gets into your blood through your lungs, it occupies the oxygen bonding sites on red blood cells and, as a result, your performance drops incredibly.
Aerostate platform offers a unique service that allows measuring the air quality in the city, build the running or cycling routes in accordance with the current and forecasted situation. Technically the Aerostate system can be easily integrated into any mobile fitness App. The system encourages users to share the routes and useful information about air quality and that can increase the popularity of the Workout App in return.
See the air pollution map Create a “green route” Get a health report
You can get data about air quality via API from any corner of the city, where our sensors allow forecasting and mapping the air flows. This is exactly the reason why Aerostate can be considered to be one of the competitive advantages for any Fitness App that is able to increase user engagement. The core value which Aerostate can deliver to Fitness App users is the ability to create the best routes for training outdoors. The routes will be built in the cleanest parts of the city, the knowledge of which will also increase the awareness of people and make their decisions smarter. Besides, Aerostate is able to demonstrate the data about summary of emission and air microparticles that were “consumed” and avoided by a person after the workout. The health benefits are evident. After all, it will be very difficult to keep the person from sharing this positive in-depth news with friends and sports buddies.