Air quality in New York and Manhattan

Life in cosmopolitan large cities means not only comfort living, great career opportunities, but also some ecological problems.

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Why air quality is so important?

Luckily, these days people started to care about their wellbeing and health like never before, and for a good reason! The population continues to grow rapidly along with a number of vehicles on the roads. Companies continue producing food with lots of chemicals in order to prolong its storage period and so on. As a result, people started to suffer from many diseases and simply are not that energetic as they could have been.
Fortunately there are fitness clubs, eco-friendly products, organic food, quality water and so on. Yet, there is one more crucial element that directly influences our health and wellbeing without us noticing it and, in most cases, without much of a control from our side. It’s the air we breathe.
We inhale and exhale every second unconsciously and we can only feel the difference in its quality when we escape from the city.

Air quality in New York and Manhattan

Air quality in New York is a big issue that needs to be addressed seriously. Even though the location of the city is very advantageous owing to the wind flows, still, the quality of the air is a hazard for the people living in the city and especially for children, people with asthmatic and heart diseases.
The major harm comes from the vehicle emission. It fills approximately 60% of the air with oxide and nitrogen dioxide that affects the respiratory tract and lungs, reduces resistance to diseases and causes cancer.
Carbon monoxide reduces the supply of oxygen to the tissues and to the heart. It also affects the functionality of all organ systems what causes weakness, exhaust and even a headache. Most of all, this destructing affect experience children, elderly people as well as people suffering from heart diseases.
Let’s have a quick look at what is actually going on. Microparticles produced by such suspended substances as PM 2.5 and PM 10, which result from smoke and exhausts from plants, are able to cause pulmonary diseases.

Air quality forecasts in New York

And now, after we have reviewed the disastrous effects of polluted air, we can offer a real highly technological solution and a tool that allows forecasting and measuring air quality as well as estimating the spread of harmful microparticles over the city. It is called Aerostate.
Aerostate data platform is capable to provide reliable overview of the air quality literally in every corner of the city.
The images below demonstrate the air quality on the map of Mahnattan followed by the map of New York.
Owing to a big number of measurement points, the overall coverage is truly incredible.
You can also see the changes on Aerostate web-site live. The platform does not only give a reliable picture of the current situation but also provides the accurate forecasts of the air quality as well.
For your convenience, we have selected the most polluted Manhattan neighborhoods and inserted them to the list below:
  • Turtle Bay
  • Midtown
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Kips Bay
  • Stuyvesant town
  • Aplphabet city
  • Tenderloin
  • Gramercy
  • Rose Hill
  • Flatiron district
  • Greenwich Village
  • Soho
  • Lenox Hill

What can be done?

Now, you are probably wondering what exactly you can do with this knowledge, right?
Below you can see some helpful tips that can make your life healthier and more pleasurable at the same time:
  1. Select the cleanest boroughs of New York for living;
  2. Try to stay away from busy and polluted highways;
  3. The higher level of your apartment – the clearer air it is going to be there;
  4. Close all your windows during the rush hours;
  5. Use charcoal or carbon air filters inside of your apartment or the office;
  6. Try to escape from the city more often.
Finally, it is evident that despite of everything, it is possible to take a control over your life, wellbeing and bring both to a new level.
All you have to do is making conscious choices. You can also share this post with friends and colleagues of yours so that they can change their lives for the best.
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