Air Quality Simulation Tool

Aeroplan by Aerostate allows municipalities simulate and test air quality control policies. Build and run hypothetical scenarios to see the short and long term effects on air quality in a city.

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Aeroplan is designed to run various custom scenarios of air pollution control and visualize the changes. For example, one could reduce traffic on a sample road or within a particular region, increase the amount of electric vehicles on the roads, reduce the power plant emissions and see how it will affect city’s air.

In addition to working with existing sources, Aeroplan allows adding virtual sources of air pollution, thus providing a tool for city planning. Use Aeroplan to find the right place for an extra power plant, or model the intensive traffic scenario.

See the air quality consequences of the simulated actions right away. Aeroplan uses machine learning algorithms in combination with modelling to track changes almost in real time. This allows municipalities to make informed decisions and plan city development projects.

In case of complex scenarios or long-term time horizon, the necessary scenario requires long time calculations. Order an email report on the long-term analysis of the chosen actions.

For example

How would air quality in a city change, if all the city cars were hybrid?

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