Aeroplan for Smart Cities

Aeroplan is the Aerostate flagship SaaS product for smart cities and IoT. It helps to design air quality improvement activities in a city and validate their effect before implementation. Discover major pollution sources and city areas they affect most. See in real time the impact of air quality policy adjustments on the city ecology. Visualize the air quality data to pitch your urban development ideas.

Measures oriended to air quality improvement are costly and their impact is often unobvious. Aeroplan helps to validate if a measure will be effective by simulating the air conditions in the city taking into account information about emissions and weather.
Even though it’s easy to know the quality of the air in a particular area, it’s hard to say positively what causes the result you get. Aeroplan allows to trace back major pollution sources that lead to air pollution and visualize the emissions expansion.
Aeroplan integrates smoothly with IoT solutions to help you make most out of sensors. Use our analytical tools on any stage of sensor deployment, and receive detailed and actionable information for city planning and control.

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None of the cities are the same. Aeroplan is a fully customizable solution that is designed to address the challenges your city faces with.

Despite been oriented to complex problems Aeroplan is easy to use. Doesn’t matter whether you have a PhD in atmospheric science or simply looking for ways to make the air in your city cleaner – with Aeroplan you start getting insights immediately with it’s intuitive interface.

Aeroplan scales from zero-cost deployments where the information about air quality is calculated with first-principle atmospheric models and open data sources such as satellite imageries to complex solutions with hundreds of sensors.

Aeroplan can be used as a built-in solution and all its data is accessible via the API.

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